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Aachen center

Walk through the historic centre of this beautiful city

2-3 hours
4 km

About this walking route

This enchanting place breathes ancient history and feels like a stroll through a vibrant open-air museum. Interesting fact: the entire historical center of Aachen is included in the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List, making it a perfect destination to explore on foot, particularly well-suited for an engaging audio tour. During this self-guided walking route with an audio guide through the city, you will discover beautiful landmarks, including the old town square with its impressive Aachen Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece, as well as the atmospheric old town hall. The CityAppTour city walk also takes you along charming streets with cozy boutiques and the historic Katschhof Square, beautifully adorned during special events. Whether you enjoy wandering through the old streets, admiring the stunning architecture, or savoring the local cuisine in atmospheric restaurants, the self-guided audio tour by CityAppTour offers something for everyone.

Stories from other travellers

Delightful walk through the streets of Aachen, and a great voice to listen to. All in all, a nice way to discover Aachen.

Highlights of the walk

  • 1.
    The Aachen Cathedral
  • 2.
    Old City Hall
  • 3.
    Katschof square
  • 4.
  • 5.
    Couven musuem
  • 6.
    The Cathedral's treasury

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