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Walking tour with audio guide in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands and also called the 'New York of Europe'. In this city, you can find stunning sights, entertaining events, architecture and plenty of pleasant restaurants and shops. Moreover, this city is known for its huge port, Feyenoord football club and the impressive skyline. Of course, the Euromast and the Erasmus Bridge cannot be forgotten either. The city is attracting for both young and old and is ideal for a city walk with CityAppTour's virtual audio guide.

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Things to do in Rotterdam

The best way to get to know the city of Rotterdam is to take a city walk on foot and at your own pace, with a detailed online map. Be guided past beautiful sights while the audio guide tells you all the stories.

Your walk through the historic center of Rotterdam

Explore Rotterdam, the 'New York of Europe,' with its stunning sights, vibrant events, and iconic landmarks like the Euromast and Erasmus Bridge. This city, boasting Europe's largest port, Feyenoord football club, and a captivating skyline, is ideal for a CityAppTour's virtual audio guide-led city walk. Immerse yourself in Rotterdam's unique modern architecture, a result of post-World War II reconstruction, standing as a testament to its resilience and renewal. Discover the rich history and contemporary allure of Rotterdam with the immersive experience provided by audio tour Rotterdam Center, available on CityAppTour.

What to do in Rotterdam

Embark on an enchanting audio tour through Rotterdam with the immersive experience provided by Audio Tour Rotterdam. Enjoy the freedom to discover the city at your own pace, utilizing the app's pause button as you wander through charming streets and explore iconic landmarks like the Euromast and Erasmus Bridge. Whether you're drawn to Rotterdam's unique modern architecture or its rich history, the choice is yours! Shopaholics will revel in Rotterdam's status as a true fashion city. Dive into the 'Koopgoot,' a popular shopping street boasting large and renowned brands or explore Nieuwemarkt & Pannekoekstraat for retro clothing and unique designer shops. Venture off the beaten path and unlock the flexibility to explore Rotterdam on your schedule within the initial 48 hours of your audio tour. Beyond Rotterdam, we provide a range of audio tours in the Netherlands, each designed to unveil the unique character and cultural richness of different cities across the country.

Audio tour through the New York of Europe

Wat truly defines Rotterdam is its innovative and striking modern architecture. The city underwent extensive reconstruction after the devastation of World War II, resulting in a skyline that stands as a testament to resilience and forward-thinking design. Rotterdam's architectural prowess, featuring iconic structures like the Cube Houses and the Erasmus Bridge, encapsulates the city's spirit of renewal and progress, making it truly distinctive and emblematic of modern urban innovation. 

Walk at your own pace,  a small break in Rotterdam

Exploring the vibrant streets of Rotterdam with our self-guided audio tour unveils a tapestry of captivating attractions, offering a delightful yet potentially overwhelming experience. To fully appreciate these newfound gems, utilize the app's pause feature. Take a moment of repose in one of the city's scenic parks or treat yourself to a well-deserved coffee at a local café along your route. Remember, navigating Rotterdam is an invigorating adventure, not a tiresome endeavor. Embrace the flexibility of CityAppTour, empowering you to wander through Rotterdam at your own pace, savoring each distinctive moment of your journey and book now!