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Walking tour with audio guide in Brussels

Brussels is a vibrant metropolis with incredible cultural, historical, gastronomic and architectural richness. The city demands to be discovered and what better way to do so than with a city walk by CityAppTour. Your personal audio guide will lead you past the most beautiful spots and tell you all about the culture and history of this heartwarming city.

- The best walking routes and greatest stories

- Unexpected discoveries

- Personal virtual audio guide in 7 languages

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- Walk at your own pace

Things to do in Brussels

Brussels has tourist hotspots that are known worldwide. Belgium's vibrant capital is unique, welcoming and warm. There is always something to do. Explore it with your self-guided audio tour in Brussel and get to know the diversity of the city, its people and their big hearts.

Your walk through the historic center of Brussels

Discover the vibrant metropolis of Brussels, brimming with cultural, historical, gastronomic, and architectural treasures, through a captivating city walk by CityAppTour. Let your personal audio guide navigate you through the most beautiful spots, unveiling the rich culture and history of this heartwarming city. Immerse yourself in the city with the CityAppTour audio tour in Brussels for a unique and enjoyable exploration!

What to do in Brussels

A visit to Brussels is incomplete without experiencing the Grand Market, renowned as the 'most beautiful in the world.' This enchanting place offers such allure that spending a full day there is effortlessly rewarding. A stroll through the city must include a visit to Manneken Pis, both celebrated and teased symbol of the Belgians. Standing at only 58 centimeters tall, this 15th-century statue consistently showcases a unique, often whimsical outfit. Additionally, the Atomium stands as the iconic symbol of both the city and the nation. Your Brussels exploration is incomplete without witnessing the monument's nine spheres, representing an enlarged 165-billion-times elemental iron crystal. Uncover the captivating stories behind these landmarks during your Brussels adventure. But why stop there? We offer a range of tours across Belgium's most captivating cities - Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges. Embark on these tours to further explore the rich history, culture, and beauty each city has to offer.

Audio guide through a culinary wonderland and romantic have

Indulge in Brussels, a genuine culinary paradise offering not only delightful Belgian cuisine but also a world of international flavors. Witness the emergence of small beer breweries, the magic of chocolatiers creating delectable masterpieces, and savor the world's best fries. The city's zest for life comes alive in its charming cafes, lively bars, and vibrant nightclubs, making Brussels a top European city for romantic experiences.

Walk at your own pace,  a small break in Brussels

Embark on a captivating exploration of Brussels with the CityAppTour's self-guided audio experience. Wander through the city at your leisure, discovering iconic landmarks such as the Grand Market and Atomium. Take advantage of the app's pause feature for relaxing breaks in picturesque squares or savor a coffee moment at local cafes. Immerse yourself in Brussels' lively ambiance, where each moment presents a unique chance to appreciate the city's cultural richness. With the flexibility offered by CityAppTour, navigate Brussels' diverse tapestry and delight in every memorable aspect of your journey. Book now to start your unforgettable adventure in Brussels.