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Walking tour with audio guide in Brussels

Brussels is a vibrant metropolis with incredible cultural, historical, gastronomic and architectural richness. The city demands to be discovered and what better way to do so than with a city walk by City App Tour. Your personal audio guide will lead you past the most beautiful spots and tell you all about the culture and history of this heartwarming city.

- The best walking routes and greatest stories

- Unexpected discoveries

- Personal virtual audio guide in 7 languages

- GPS guidance

- Walk at your own pace

Things to do in Brussels

Brussels has tourist hotspots that are known worldwide. Belgium's vibrant capital is unique, welcoming and warm. There is always something to do. Explore it with your self-guided audio tour and get to know the diversity of the city, its people and their big hearts.

The Grand Market

A visit to Brussels without having seen the Grand Market? Unthinkable! Because it is obviously labelled as the 'most beautiful in the world' for a reason. This beautiful place has so much beauty to offer that you could spend a full day there without any effort.

Manneken Pis

No stroll through Brussels without visiting Manneken Pis. The both applauded and mocked symbol of the Belgians. Only 58 centimeters tall and, since the 15th century, always urinating. With a bit of luck, you'll see him wearing a special outfit.


The Atomium is the inevitable symbol of the city and even of the entire nation. You haven't really seen Brussels until you have visited the monument with the nine spheres. Those spheres make up an elemental iron crystal that has been enlarged 165 billion times. What's the story behind it? You can find out for yourself...


Brussels is a true culinary paradise. Besides Belgian cuisine, you will find delicious dishes from all corners of the world. Small beer breweries spring up like mushrooms and chocolatiers constantly conjure up unprecedentedly delicious creations. And as for the best fries in the world.... you eat them in Brussels. The fact that the people of Brussels enjoy life is also reflected in the cozy cafés, festive bars and packed nightclubs. Brussels is considered one of best European cities for dating for a reason.

So there is plenty to do in this multifaceted city, and with a self-guided audio tour you won't have to miss a thing. Enjoy the extraordinary stories from your own virtual guide from City App Tour.