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Walking tour with audio guide in Antwerp

Diamond city, fashion and shopping city, city of culture, city of cookies, harbour city ... quirky and flamboyant Antwerp is a city with many faces. A metropolis that can easily be compared to Berlin, London or Paris. Not to mention its lively nightlife and rich gastronomic offerings. Irresistible, those beautiful lights on the Scheldt. Choose a walking route from CityAppTour's offerings and set off on a tour accompanied by your personal virtual audio guide, with detailed online map. 

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Things to do in Antwerp

Besides the many well-known tourist attractions, CityAppTour also introduces you to the lesser known but no less breathtaking, scenic and historical places in this Burgundian city. With a self-guided audio tour in Antwerp, you can enjoy the stories of your personal audio guide at your own pace.

Your walk through the historic center of Antwerp

Antwerp, a dynamic city blending history and modernity, unfolds as an open-air museum in its historic center. The iconic 'Grote Markt,' adorned with guild houses and the Cathedral of Our Lady, epitomizes Antwerp's rich history. Beyond that, Antwerp boasts diverse facets—diamond city, fashion hub, cultural haven, and more. Comparable to Berlin or Paris, the city pulsates with lively nightlife and gastronomic delights. Illuminate your exploration along the Scheldt with a walking route from CityAppTour, audio tour Antwerp, for a personalized journey with a virtual audio guide and detailed online map.

What to do in Antwerp

Discover the vibrant charm of Antwerp by exploring "Het Eilandje," a neighborhood that seamlessly blends fine dining, waterfront living, and premier museums like the Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS) and the Red Star Line Museum. Enjoy sun-soaked strolls, terrace delights, and the mesmerizing sunset over the Scheldt. Dive into the city's rich market culture, from the famous Vogeltjesmarkt to the Exotic Market and the lively Friday Market. In a city renowned for fashion, explore the latest trends in diverse shopping zones, including the Historic Centre, Fashion District, Station District, and De Meir: the country's most visited shopping street. Antwerp's myriad attractions promise a delightful tapestry of experiences. Conclude your Antwerp tour within the initial 48 hours, tailoring your exploration to fit seamlessly with your schedule and preferences. Additionally, explore more of Belgium with our audio tours in cities like Bruges, Ghent, and Brussels, each offering unique insights and experiences.

Audio tour through the city of diamonds

Antwerp's allure extends to its Diamond District, a renowned global hub for the diamond trade. Nestled within the city, this district sparkles with countless diamond dealers, workshops, and showrooms, showcasing the city's historical connection to the diamond industry. The Diamond District's glittering displays and legacy as a key player in the diamond trade make it a unique facet of Antwerp's identity.

Walk at your own pace,  a small break in Antwerp

Embark on a self-guided audio journey through the vibrant streets of Antwerp, uncovering a captivating array of attractions that promise both delight and potential overwhelm. Enhance your exploration with the app's pause feature, allowing for tranquil breaks in scenic parks or a well-deserved coffee pause at a local café along your route. Embrace the invigorating adventure of navigating Antwerp, understanding that each moment is meant to be savored. With the flexible audio tour Antwerp by CityAppTour, meander through the city at your own pace, relishing the uniqueness of each step in your journey. Book now to start your personalized exploration of Antwerp.