"Our mission is to enrich your travelling experience..."

Our Mission

Hi there! We are City App Tour, a growing company specializing in self-guided city walks. We are a team of travel enthusiasts and technology aficionados, united by one mission: enriching your travel experiences with our innovative, app-guided tours. At City App Tour, we bring together the worlds of traditional city tours and modern technology, offering a unique, personalized way to explore cities.

How we work

To develop our tours, we venture out to the destination ourselves. We conduct extensive research beforehand and then immerse ourselves completely during the visit. Our journeys are in-depth and thoughtful; we explore every corner and every street, engage with local residents, and delve into the history and culture of the destination. This hands-on approach allows us to map out not only the well-known attractions but also the hidden gems that make the city unique.

After our visit, we compile all the information and experiences into a tour that provides you with the same local experience but without all the hassle. Whether you're walking alone with your headphones on or with a group ticket, accompanied by your family or a group of friends, you'll discover all the ins and outs of the destination at your own pace!

Our app is designed to ensure you're not tied to a guide who rushes through things or bikes ahead while you wanted to visit that one shop or grab a drink at the café you passed by. With the flexibility to start and pause whenever you want, our tours strike the perfect balance between guidance and self-discovery. We believe that the best trips are those where you have the freedom to follow your curiosity and create your own memories.

Our Promise

Every day, we're busy updating our existing experiences and developing new tours in new destinations. Just as one is never too old to learn, you'll never be done with gaining new experiences and exploring the world. We take pride in being a part of your journey.

Your adventure starts here!