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Barcelona Gothic Quarter

Walk through the historic centre of this beautiful city

120 min
3.1 km

About this walking route

Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, a historical masterpiece and the cultural heart of Barcelona, embraces the intriguing balance between old traditions and modern vitality. Explore this enchanting neighborhood best with the CityAppTour audio tour. Let yourself be guided through cobbled streets, past the Gothic splendor of Santa Eulalia Cathedral and the renowned Barcelona History Museum, to the modern atmosphere of contemporary art galleries and boutiques. From the historic Plaça del Rei to hidden courtyards, this self-guided walking route reveals the soul of the Gothic Quarter. As you follow the cobbled paths, you will discover not only the iconic sights, but also the hidden jewels that reflect the true essence of this neighborhood. Choose the audio tour and immerse yourself in the unforgettable charm of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter.

Highlights of the walk

  • 1.
    Santa Eulalia Cathedral
  • 2.
    Barcelona History Museum
  • 3.
    Plaça del Rei
  • 4.
    Via Laietana
  • 5.
    Plaça Sant Jaume
  • 6.
    La Ribera
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