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Walking tour with audio guide in Zwolle

Zwolle is the ideal city for a city walk because of its historic city centre, impressive monuments, and picturesque alleys. This vibrant student city has something to offer for everyone, as Zwolle is the perfect city for culture and nature lovers, but also for shopaholics and gastronomy lovers. Get to know the city better at your own pace, find out interesting stories and walk past the most beautiful sights with our self-guided audio guide.- The most beautiful walking routes and greatest stories.

- Unexpected discoveries

- Personal virtual audio guide in 7 languages

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Things to do in Zwolle

In addition to the widely recognized sites, our audiotour in Zwolle unveils the city's hidden treasures. Take a delightful walk as the audio guide shares narratives, proving that Zwolle is a destination well-deserving of your visit.

Your walk through the historic center of Zwolle

Embark on a self-guided walking tour of Zwolle Center with the CityAppTour app, where you'll encounter the city's key highlights along with some hidden gems in the center. Opting for the self-guided audio tour in Zwolle through the app allows you to explore into the narrative of the Basilica of Our Lady and explore sights like Sint Michaëlskerk. The tour also unveils lesser-known stories and highlights, including the Herman Brood Museum, offering a comprehensive exploration of Zwolle and its rich history.

What to do in Zwolle

While taking the Zwolle tour, you'll have the flexibility to utilize the pause button on the app, allowing you to explore additional attractions in Zwolle at your own pace. Whether it's shopping at the New Market, visiting the 'De Fundatie' museum, or pausing the tour to explore highlights like the Dominican church and monastery, you have the freedom to customize your experience. For those with an adventurous spirit, there's even the option to deviate from the suggested route, as long as you complete the tour within the initial 48 hours of activation. Discover the Netherlands beyond Zwolle with our comprehensive audio tours, showcasing the unique charm and rich history of cities throughout the country.

Zwolle’s Candy

Indulge in Zwolle’s culinary heritage with a taste of the local specialty, Zwolse balletjes. These delightful, small, round sweets are crafted from sugar, butter and a blend of flavoring like anise. Known for their distinctively sweet taste, these beloved traditional candies are a delightful treat often associated with the rich culinary tradition of Zwolle! Try them at Zwolle’s Candy House along the route. This shop in Zwolle is the city’s oldest shop dating back to 1688, originally served as a grocery store before becoming a hard candy bakery in 1845. In the 1990s, the shop underwent renovations and was transformed into a candy store and tourist information point by the Zwolle's Candy House Foundation. Notably, the last remaining hard candy bakery worldwide is now located in the basement beneath the shop, offering a fascinating experience for visitors. The candy shop also features a diverse selection of traditional Dutch sweets.

Walk at your own pace,  a small break in Zwolle

Exploring Zwolle may be overwhelming due to the multitude of highlights and impressions encountered during the tour. To fully absorb these new experiences, feel free to pause the tour and take a break. Grab a well-deserved coffee at any of the cafés along the way. Just because discovering Zwolle can be tiring, doesn't mean it has to be. Enjoy the freedom provided by CityAppTour, allowing you to walk at your own pace and savor the journey. Book now to start your self-guided adventure and fully embrace the experience on your terms.