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Walking tour with audio guide in Haarlem

You will not get bored in Haarlem, the center of the bulb region in the Netherlands. The city is home to a wealth of monumental buildings, almost 1200 national monuments and just as many municipal monuments. When you go through the city on foot with the audio guide of CityAppTour, you get to know the historic city center of Haarlem in a unique way. It is not without reason that Haarlem has been a home base for famous painters for centuries. The narrow streets, beautiful old courtyards, monuments such as the Sint Bavokerk and intimate concept stores are excellent for a guided walking tour in Haarlem.

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Things to do in Haarlem

Our audio tour brings you to hidden gems in Haarlem. Enjoy a relaxing city walk and listen to the stories of your personal digital guide.

Your walk through the historic center of Haarlem

Discover Haarlem, a city with it all – a vibrant historic center, renowned museums, and fascinating landmarks. Opt for an audio tour to breathe life into its history as you pass by the Grote Kerk, Teylers Museum, Jopenkerk, and the scenic Spaarne. Unveil secrets of ancient courtyards and learn intriguing facts, like why Haarlem's residents are called "mosquitoes." Explore heritage sites like Grote- or Sint Bavokerk, town hall (stadhuis), Vleeshal, and Vishal. Don't miss the Eenhoorn windmill and explore the charm of 22 old courtyards, ensuring a day filled with cultural wonders in Haarlem. Enhance your exploration with the CityAppTour audio tour for Haarlem Center, unlocking the city's hidden gems and secret spots.

What to do in Haarlem

Discover Haarlem's city center in a day filled with heritage and shopping delights. Begin at the iconic Grote- or Sint Bavokerk on Grote Markt, then explore the historic town hall, Vleeshal, Vishal, and the ancient Hoofdwacht monument. Don't miss the Eenhoorn windmill along the picturesque Spaarne river and explore some of the 22 charming old courtyards. Immerse yourself in the 'Golden Streets' for endless shopping with a mix of major fashion chains and enticing concept stores. Haarlem, one of the Netherlands' most charming shopping cities, offers Sunday openings, allowing you to enjoy retail therapy alongside the Burgundian pleasures of the city's vibrant culinary scene. Discover the Netherlands beyond Haarlem with our comprehensive audio tours, showcasing the unique charm and rich history of cities throughout the country.

Haarlem’s liquid legacy: Jopenbier

A renowned specialty of Haarlem, Jopenbier is a craft beer named after the city's historical beer style, "Haarlemsche 1501." Brewed using traditional recipes, this artisanal beer boasts diverse flavor profiles, making it a beloved choice for both locals and visitors eager to savor Haarlem's culinary culture.

Walk at your own pace, a small break in Haarlem

Embark on a captivating self-guided audio journey through the enchanting city of Haarlem, where historical allure seamlessly blends with modern vibrancy. Discover the city's timeless charm as you explore iconic landmarks, from the Grote Kerk to the Teylers Museum, Jopenkerk, and the picturesque Spaarne. Take advantage of the app's pause feature to relish serene moments along the canals or enjoy a leisurely break at a local café. Immerse yourself in Haarlem's unique atmosphere with the adaptable audio tour Haarlem center, by CityAppTour, ensuring an unforgettable exploration of its rich cultural heritage at your preferred pace. Book now for an exclusive tour through Haarlem!