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Frankfurt center

Walk through the historic center of this beautiful city

3 hours
6.5 km

About this walking route

Frankfurt, a city seamlessly blending rich history with modern flair, offers an enchanting exploration through the CityAppTour audio guide. This self-guided tour takes you along the iconic Römerberg, where the Gothic splendor of the Römer marks the historical heart of the city. The majestic Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus, the elegant Alte Oper, and the literary heritage of the Goethe-House unveil the versatility of Frankfurt. As you stroll by the St. Paul's Church and admire the impressive Main Tower, the audio guide adds depth to each location with stories and history. This city walk not only reveals the well-known landmarks but also introduces you to the hidden gems of the city, presenting Frankfurt as a treasure trove of cultural riches and architectural splendor.

Highlights of the walk

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    Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus
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    Alte Oper
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    St. Paul's Church
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    Main Tower

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