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Amiens center

Walk through the historic centre of this beautiful city

120 min
4.5 km

About this walking route

During this self-guided audiotour, you will embark on an enchanting journey through the city, allowing you to explore at your own pace and uncover the fascinating stories behind its landmarks. The city walk takes you to Maison de Jules Verne, the former residence of the famous writer, where you will learn more about his inspiration and creative masterpieces. The route also leads you to the majestic Amiens Town Hall, an exquisite example of Gothic architecture. You will explore Les Hortillonnages, the floating gardens of Amiens, where you can indulge in a serene and picturesque setting. And of course, the highlight of the audiotour, the impressive Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens, a UNESCO World Heritage and a masterpiece of Gothic art. In addition to these magnificent attractions, this audiotour also guides you to all the hidden gems of the city.
With the CityAppTour city walk with your own audioguide, you gain a profound understanding of Amiens' rich history and cultural treasures. Enjoy the convenience of a self-guided tour and immerse yourself in the magic of this beautiful city.

Highlights of the walk

  • 1.
    City Hall
  • 2.
    House of Jules Verne
  • 3.
    Notre-Dame d'Amiens Cathedral
  • 4.
    Les Hortillonages
  • 5.
    Perret tower
  • 6.

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