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Walking tour with audio guide in Split

Split, an intriguing city on the Adriatic Sea, charms with its centuries-old history and Mediterranean atmosphere. The city exudes a unique blend of ancient architecture and modern vibrancy. Explore this coastal gem with ease by using the audio tour from CityAppTour, bringing the rich culture and charm of Split to life. As you stroll through the cobbled streets, the self-guided city walking tour with an audio guide from CityAppTour provides an engaging journey through time, allowing you to discover the essence of this beautiful city. It is an indispensable companion for travelers who want to experience the hidden treasures and authentic atmosphere of Split.

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Things to do in Split

In addition to the many well-known attractions, the city of Split has much more to offer. Let the CityAppTour audio tour in Split introduce you to the lesser known but equally breathtaking and historical sights in this city. During a self-guided walking route, enjoy the stories from your personal audio guide at your own pace.

Your walk through the historic center of Split

Explore the enchanting city of Split on the Adriatic coast, where rich history meets Mediterranean charm. Uncover the city's secrets with this CityAppTour's audio tour in Split Center. Wander through iconic landmarks like Riva, Bazar, Zlatna Vrata (Golden Gate), the Split City Museum, Narodni Trg (People's Square), and the Pirja Fountain. This self-guided stroll not only covers the famous sites but also unveils hidden gems, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of Split's unique character. As the audio guide narrates intriguing stories, the walking route provides historical insights, making your journey both informative and delightful. CityAppTour's tailored experience allows you to uncover the cultural treasures of Split at your own pace, embracing the city's highlights and hidden wonders.

What to do in Split

In Split, fishing is more than an economic activity; it's a cultural heritage deeply tied to the city's maritime roots, reflected in bustling fish markets and fragrant seafood restaurants. The surrounding hills and valleys nurture a thriving wine culture, with local winemakers preserving ancient grape varieties. Wine tastings in the region offer a refined experience, celebrating both the picturesque vineyards and the rich tradition that makes Split a haven for wine enthusiasts. Wrap up your exploration of Split within the first 48 hours, customizing your journey to effortlessly align with your schedule and preferences.


As night falls, Split awakens with a dynamic nightlife that caters to diverse tastes. Along the coastal boulevards and in the old city center, lively bars, cozy cafes, and trendy nightclubs come to life. Diocletian's Palace, historically significant during the day, transforms into an atmospheric backdrop for cultural events and live music in the evening. The Riva promenade provides a relaxed setting for a drink with a view of the sea, while the vibrant streets of Bacvice pulse with energetic nightclubs. Whether you seek a tranquil evening in a historic setting or wish to dance until the early hours, Split's nightlife offers something for everyone.

Walk at your own pace, a small break in Split

Embark on a self-guided audio exploration through Split, seamlessly weaving together historical allure with modern vibrancy. Utilize the app's pause feature for serene breaks in picturesque plazas or indulge in a coffee pause at a local café. Embrace the invigorating adventure, recognizing that each step in your exploration reveals a unique cultural experience. With the adaptable audio tour Split Center by CityAppTour, immerse yourself in the city's rich heritage at your preferred pace, savoring the distinctive charm of every moment. Cherish Split's distinctive charm at every moment and book now!