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Walking tour with audio guide in Utrecht

Utrecht is the beating heart of the Netherlands and lends itself perfectly to an self-guided audio tour of the city. The city is known for its imposing Dom Tower, but Utrecht is much more than that. In fact, this city also has many hidden spots where you can immediately taste the atmosphere of Utrecht. Stroll along beautiful canals and picturesque streets and admire many impressive sights. During a city walk by City App Tour, you will get to know the city a little bit better in a relaxing and unique way.

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Available tours in and around Utrecht

Things to do in Utrecht

Utrecht is a beautiful city with lots of great sights. Discover the city on foot and at your own pace with our virtual audio guide and listen to the interesting stories Utrecht carries with it.

Utrecht is a very centrally located city and therefore includes the largest train station in the Netherlands. The city is known for the Dom Tower, the wonderful Oude Gracht and for all its great shops and restaurants. This city is therefore considered one of the greatest cities in the Netherlands. Since there is plenty to see in Utrecht, this is an excellent city for an audio tour.

Monuments in Utrecht
Utrecht is the second monument city of the Netherlands. You can find history in these impressive monuments. Examples are of course the well-known Dom Tower, Castellum Hoge Woerd, De Inktpot, Paushuize and the City Hall of Utrecht.

Museums in Utrecht
Utrecht is also home to several interesting museums. A well-known museum in Utrecht is the Spoorwegmuseum, but museums like the Centraal Museum, Sonnenborgh Museum, Museum Hoge Woerd and Museum Catharijneconvent are also extremely popular.

Shopping in Utrecht
For shopping, Utrecht is the place to be. This atmospheric city is often visited by people who want to spend a day shopping. Here you will find large and well-known brands in, for instance, the popular shopping centre Hoog Catharijne, but also boutiques, specialty shops and delicatessens in the many convivial alleys and winding streets.

Around Utrecht
Moreover, there is quite a lot to do around Utrecht if you are looking for a fun day out. For example, if you are looking for a bit more peace and quiet, just outside Utrecht you will find the National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Park Lepelenburg and Park Sonnenborgh are also good options if you are looking for green surroundings. Still looking for another city? Then choose for surrounding cities such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

In short, Utrecht is a city for young and old and there is always something to do here. Therefore, the city is ideal for a walking tour through the city with our virtual audio guide.