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Walking tour with audio guide in Utrecht

Utrecht is the beating heart of the Netherlands and lends itself perfectly to an self-guided audio tour of the city. The city is known for its imposing Dom Tower, but Utrecht is much more than that. In fact, this city also has many hidden spots where you can immediately taste the atmosphere of Utrecht. Stroll along beautiful canals and picturesque streets and admire many impressive sights. During a city walk by CityAppTour, you will get to know the city a little bit better in a relaxing and unique way.

- The most beautiful walking routes and greatest stories

- Unexpected discoveries

- Personal virtual audio guide in 7 languages

- GPS guidance

- Walk at your own pace

Things to do in Utrecht

Beyond the renowned landmarks, our audiotour guides you through Utrecht's hidden gems. Revel in a leisurely stroll as the audio guide narrates, revealing that Utrecht is a destination worthy of your exploration.

Your walk through the historic center of Utrecht

Embark on a self-guided journey through Utrecht with the CityAppTour app, immersing yourself in the city's highlights and hidden treasures. By selecting the Utrecht center Tour, the app unfolds the captivating stories behind landmarks like the Dom Tower, Vredenburg, and Utrecht's charming canals. Along the way, discover lesser-known tales and attractions, including the Luthers Church and Bastion Zonnenburg, offering a well-rounded exploration of Utrecht's rich history. Get ready to unravel the city's narratives and uncover its myriad stories!

What to do in Utrecht

While strolling through this self-guided audio tour in Utrecht, you’ll enjoy the flexibility to utilize the pause button on the app, allowing you to explore additional attractions at your leisure. Whether it’s indulging in some retail therapy at Hoog Catharijne or exploring the Centraal Museum, the choice is yours. You can also opt to pause the tour at any highlighted point and delve into the likes of the House of Zoudenbalch. For the true adventurers, feel free to deviate from the suggested route, if you wrap up the tour within the initial 48 hours of activation, granting you the freedom to explore at your own pace! Additionally, we offer other tours in the Netherlands, allowing you to explore various cities across the country.

The lively student city Utrecht

Utrecht is a vibrant student city, home to a diverse and lively academic community. The city’s dynamic atmosphere is shaped by the presence of Utrecht University and other educational institutions, fostering a rich student culture. The University of Utrecht is renowned for its excellence and diverse range of programs, it attracts students from around the world seeking a top-tier education in a dynamic, stimulating environment. With bustling student neighborhoods, eclectic cafes, and a range of cultural events, Utrecht provides an engaging environment for local and international students to thrive and enjoy their academic journey.

Walk at your own pace,  a small break in Utrecht

Navigating Utrecht may feel overwhelming with the myriad highlights and impressions encountered during the tour. To fully absorb these new experiences, take advantage of the option to pause the tour and enjoy a break. Find tranquility in a brief respite at Park Lepelenburg or treat yourself to a well-deserved coffee at any of the charming cafés along your path. Remember, just because exploring Utrecht can be tiring, doesn't mean it has to be. Embrace the freedom provided by CityAppTour, allowing you to stroll at your own pace and relish the journey. Book now to start your personalized exploration and enjoy the adventure on your terms!