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Walking tour with audio guide in Cordoba

patios, bars and restaurants. Most tourists, however, will come for the magnificent Mezquita, the mosque-cathedral, the symbol of the city. But in this beautiful and welcoming city, there is much more to see and admire. It has a rich history and everywhere you can see antiquities from a Roman, Jewish, Arbabic and Christian past. The historic centre has therefore been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO! Using City App Tour, explore the city on foot at your own pace. A personal virtual audio guide tells you everything you want to know and more during a beautiful city walk.

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Available tours in and around Cordoba

Things to do in Cordoba

Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos
The "Palace of the Christian Princes," a medieval palace with beautiful gardens in the historic centre of the city. The 14th-century palace is a mix of Christian and Islamic styles, and its beautiful gardens are especially worth a visit.

The Judería
The Jewish quarter in the centre with narrow and flowery streets and picturesque houses. In this district you will find many attractions such as the Mezquita mosque-cathedral, the synagogue and the Alcazar de los Reyes palace. Stroll and wander delightfully through the narrow flowery and pitter-patter streets, look for souvenirs or relax in one of the many small tapas bars in this Jewish quarter.

The Puente Romano
The 331-meter-long Roman bridge that lies over the Guadalquivir River that crosses the city. On one side of the bridge lies the city gate "Puerta del Puente," on the other side of the river you’ll find the Torre de la Calahorra.

You have several museums to choose from in Cordoba. The Archaeological Museum, a museum about bullfighting (Museo Taurino), the Museo de Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts) and the museum of painter Romero de Torres.

Botanical Gardens
Near the Alcazar Palace and the Guiadalquivir River you will find the university botanical gardens. You can stroll around among beautiful flowers, green trees and fountains or visit the small paleobotanical museum.

There is so much to see in this historic city that it is nice to be taken by the hand and listen to the stories of your personal audio guide in your own language and at your own pace. City App Tour has arranged this for you, choose a walking tour and immerse yourself in the history of fascinating Cordoba.