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Walking tour with audio guide in Cadiz

Cadiz is one of the oldest and most surprising cities in Andalusia ,You cannot get lost there. In fact, in the historic center you always end up at the sea. This port city in Andalusia is therefore located on a small peninsula and is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries it was the center of trade between Spain and America and grew into one of the richest cities in the country. This is still reflected in the attractive historic centre with its magnificent cathedral, fortifications, narrow streets and cozy squares. What a splendour this city has to offer. With a self-guided city tour with audio guide from City App Tour, you will learn all about this when you listen to the interesting stories we have collected for you.

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Available tours in and around Cadiz

Things to do in Cadiz

Playa de la Victoria
While you're here, take a walk to the beautiful Playa de la Victoria beach. From the boardwalk (Paseo Maritimo) near this beach, you have a beautiful view on the cathedral and the colourful houses on the city's wharves. It is the favourite spot for wedding pictures in Cadiz.

Little Havana
The city is nicknamed "Little Havana" due to its historical connection and resemblance to the Cuban city with its distinctive boulevard. Still the city's well sheltered harbour with its many fishing,- and passenger boats is one of the important economic engines of the city.

Carnival de Cadiz
Cadiz is also known as "the city that smiles," courtesy of its welcoming residents. That warmth and cheerfulness is also reflected in Cadiz's many festivities, with the Carnaval de Cadiz being the highlight. It is one of the most famous carnivals in the world and the city is completely turned upside down during this period.

Squares in old town
During your city walk you will undoubtedly come across many beautiful and cozy city squares. For example, the Plaza de las Flores; a cozy square full of flower stalls. But also the 19th-century and green Plaza de Mina, considered the most beautiful square in the city is worth a visit. At Plaza San Francisco you will enjoy the baroque architectural styles and Plaza San Antonio is surrounded by beautiful mansions.

A city with 3,000 years of history, imagine all the stories behind it. With a self-guided audio tour from City App Tour, you won't have to miss a thing about this extraordinary port city.