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Walking tour with audio guide in Bratislava

Experience the charm of Bratislava's Old Town as you wander through its historic streets. Begin your journey at the iconic Bratislava Castle, then make your way down to the picturesque Main Square with its elegant Old Town Hall and Roland Fountain. Stroll along the winding alleys lined with colorful buildings, and discover hidden gems like St. Martin's Cathedral and the Michael's Gate. Explore the lively atmosphere of the Slovak National Theatre and the bustling Bratislava promenade along the Danube River. Each landmark reveals a piece of the city's rich history and cultural heritage.

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Things to do in Bratislava

Explore Bratislava's hidden gems and landmarks at your own pace with the audio tour Bratislava on the CityAppTour app. Immerse yourself in the city's rich history, from the majestic Bratislavský hrad (Bratislava Castle) to captivating local legends, turning every step into an adventure.

Your walk through the historic center of Bratislava

During your self-guided walking tour with the CityAppTour app in Bratislava, you will discover the most significant highlights of the city center, along with some hidden treasures. Opting for the Bratislava Center Tour on CityAppTour gives you the opportunity to delve into the history of iconic landmarks like Grassalkovich Palace, St. Laurence Ruins and the intriguing tales surrounding The Witch of Bratislava. Along the way, you'll also uncover lesser-known anecdotes and highlights, such as the legend behind the local delicacy of Bratislava rolls or the captivating story of St. Martin's Cathedral. Get ready to uncover Bratislava and all its captivating narratives!

What to do in Bratislava

While exploring the tour in Bratislava, you'll have the flexibility to utilize the pause button in the app and explore additional attractions that the city has to offer. Delve into the city's history at the National Theater or the Franciscan Church. Alternatively, you can pause the tour at any of its featured highlights and delve deeper into them. Embrace the freedom to explore, with CityAppTour guiding your journey every step of the way.

Delight in Bratislava's Sweet Specialty: Bratislava Rolls

Indulge in Bratislava's culinary treasure, the Bratislava Rolls, renowned for their delightful sweetness and unique crescent shape. These delectable pastries are crafted from airy puff pastry and filled with ground nuts, poppy seeds, or a sweet fruit filling, often dusted with powdered sugar for an extra touch of sweetness. Bratislava Rolls are a beloved traditional Slovak dessert, cherished by both locals and visitors alike.

Walk at your own pace, a small break in Bratislava

Discover the enchanting streets of Bratislava at your own pace with CityAppTour's self-guided audio experience. Wander leisurely through the city, taking in iconic landmarks such as Bratislava Castle and the charming Old Town. Take advantage of the app's pause feature to relax in picturesque squares or indulge in a coffee break at local cafés. With the flexibility of CityAppTour, explore Bratislava's cultural and savor each unique moment of your journey. Book now and let the captivating beauty of Bratislava's streets and historic sites enchant you.