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Walking tour with audio guide in The Hague

The Hague, the royal capital of the Netherlands, embraces a rich mix of history and modernity. As a political epicenter, the city is home to the Binnenhof and palaces that testify to centuries-old traditions. The stately avenues and green parks provide a pleasant environment for residents and visitors alike. The Hague reflects a cosmopolitan flair with international organizations and embassies. Discover the diverse neighborhoods, each with its own character. A city walk with audio guide from CityAppTour reveals the secrets and stories behind the streets, making The Hague an exciting destination for those who want to explore culture, history, and modern city life.

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Things to do in The Hague

Beyond the famed sights, our audio tour in The Hague reveals the city's hidden gems. Stroll through captivating spaces as the audio guide narrates, proving that The Hague is a destination filled with unique wonders.

Your walk through the historic center of The Hague

Embark on a magical journey through The Hague, the graceful city by the sea, blending rich history with contemporary splendor. The CityAppTour audio guide takes you along iconic landmarks, revealing centuries-old tales of the Binnenhof, artistic masterpieces in the Mauritshuis, and the princely allure of Palace Noordeinde. Beyond the obvious attractions, this self-guided walking tour unveils hidden gems, charming squares, and local secrets, providing a deep and engaging experience that captures the unique character of The Hague. Immerse yourself in the cultural treasures and unexpected beauty as the audio tour unfolds the city's captivating narratives, offering a truly enchanting exploration.

What to do in The Hague

Embark on an enchanting journey through The Hague with The Hague Center Tour, a captivating audio experience empowering you to explore at your own pace. Navigate the city, pausing the app to delve into each highlight. Whether immersing yourself in the lively atmosphere of the city center, discovering historic neighborhoods, or strolling through charming districts, the choice is entirely yours. For those seeking genuine adventure, feel free to deviate from the suggested route. With the flexibility to conclude your tour within the initial 48 hours, customize your exploration to align seamlessly with your schedule and personal preferences. Discover the Netherlands beyond The Hague with our comprehensive audio tours, showcasing the unique charm and rich history of cities throughout the country.

Where politics embrace coastal breeze

In The Hague, the distinctive blend of stately grandeur as the political capital and the laid-back ambiance of a coastal city defines its unique character. Renowned for broad avenues, elegant palaces, and the historic Binnenhof, housing the Dutch government, The Hague showcases political prestige. Simultaneously, its vast dune landscape and proximity to the North Sea add a refreshing coastal dynamic. This harmonious fusion of political eminence and relaxed seaside charm gives The Hague an exceptional identity found nowhere else. Explore the duality that defines The Hague, where politics meets the soothing rhythms of the sea.

Walk at your own pace,  a small break in The Hague

Embarking on the enchanting journey through The Hague reveals a wealth of captivating highlights, each more enchanting than the last. Take a moment to embrace tranquility in a charming corner of the historic city center or indulge in the delectable flavors of local delicacies. With The Hague Center Tour, navigating the city becomes a personalized adventure, allowing you to savor the narratives and landmarks at your own pace. This creates an experience that is truly refreshing and unforgettable, capturing the unique essence of The Hague. Embark on this journey that weaves through the vibrant heart of The Hague and book now!