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Walking tour with audio guide in Eindhoven

There is always something going on in Eindhoven. The bustling metropolis is an international hub for innovation, technology and design. When you book a city tour with CityAppTour, you will discover that Brabant cosiness and futuristic hotspots go hand in hand. The city of lights grew in the 20th century from a small town to now the fifth largest city in the Netherlands. Philips' light bulb factory played an all determining role in this. Join your audio guide and visit the most unique places in Eindhoven!

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Things to do in Eindhoven

The self-guided audio tour takes you on a journey of discovery through the city. Enjoy a relaxing walking tour and discover that Eindhoven is more than worth your visit.

Your walk through the historic center of Eindhoven

Eindhoven, renowned for energy, light bulbs, technology, and design, welcomes you to discover its diverse identity. Whether you associate it with Lampegat, Philips, or PSV, this design capital has something for everyone. Uncover the city's essence through an audio tour featuring landmarks like the 18 September Square, Van Abbemuseum, Sint Catharinakerk, and De Blob. As the "City of Lights," Eindhoven dazzles with the iconic light tower and Motion Imagination Experience. This guided journey unveils special monuments, including the Anton Philips Monument and Jan van Hooff Monument. Immerse yourself in the rich identity of this beautiful city, exploring Eindhoven at your own pace. Enhance your exploration with the CityAppTour audio tour for Eindhoven Center, unlocking hidden gems and secret spots throughout the city.

What to do in Eindhoven

Delve into Eindhoven's vibrant culture with must-visit museums, including the DAF Museum, Abbemuseum for contemporary art, and the iconic Philips Museum. Indulge in trendy shopping along Kerkstraat, Willemstraat, and De Bergen or explore boutiques in the Hoogstraat and Gestelsestraat. For indoor shopping, head to the Emma District, Piazza Centre, or Heuvel Galerie. Marvel at Eindhoven's futuristic architecture with landmarks like 'De Blob' and the UFO-inspired Evoluon, contrasting with the historic charm of Catharinakerk. Witness the city's luminous history during the GLOW light festival, which illuminates these architectural wonders with vibrant colors, seamlessly blending Eindhoven's past and present. Journey further into the heart of the Netherlands with our wide range of tours, designed to reveal the distinct beauty and cultural richness of Dutch cities.

High tech campus

With 260 high-tech companies, this campus proudly claims the title of "Europe's smartest square kilometer." As a key European knowledge hub, it stands at the forefront of research, technology, and entrepreneurship, uniting forces to drive innovations that will shape the future. This dynamic environment serves as a collaborative epicenter where diverse expertise converges, fostering breakthrough ideas and propelling the campus into a global hub for innovation and creativity.

Walk at your own pace, a small break in Eindhoven

Embark on a captivating self-guided audio journey through the historic city of Eindhoven, where echoes of the past harmonize with modern marvels. Immerse yourself in the city's enduring charm, encountering iconic landmarks and experiencing its unique atmosphere. From historic sites to futuristic wonders, the CityAppTour audio tour in Eindhoven center seamlessly weaves historical richness with contemporary allure. Pause along vibrant streets or indulge in a leisurely break at a local café using the app's flexible features. This adaptable audio tour promises an unforgettable exploration of Eindhoven's diverse cultural heritage at your own pace. Don't miss out on the beauty of this city. Book now and start exploring its cities' hidden gems today.