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City walk with audio guide in Valencia

Valencia, a vibrant city on the eastern coast of Spain, is renowned for its rich history, modern architecture, and lively culture. This versatile destination caters to every taste, with stunning beaches, historical squares, and bustling markets. The city is steeped in traditions and festivals, such as Las Fallas and La Tomatina, which attract visitors throughout the year. For an in-depth exploration of Valencia's treasures, the CityAppTour's audiotour is an ideal choice, offering an engaging and flexible way to discover the city. Immerse yourself in the stories behind the landmarks through our personalized audio guide, and let yourself be enchanted by the unique atmosphere of this fascinating city as you stroll through its streets.

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Available tours in and around Valencia

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During the city walk, you will be immersed in the city and all its attractions, guided by a personal audio guide.

Valencia is a true wine region and proudly known for its excellent red wines and refreshing cava. The fertile soil and sunny climate of the region provide the ideal conditions for cultivating high-quality grapes. Valencia's red wines are characterized by their rich and full-bodied flavor, with notes of ripe fruit and spicy aromas. The cava, a sparkling wine, is the perfect companion for festive occasions, with its elegant bubbles and refined taste profile. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy wine tastings and tours of the beautiful vineyards in and around Valencia, where they can discover the secrets of winemaking and experience the authentic taste of the region. A true treat for wine enthusiasts and culinary pleasures.

Valencia is a city rich in impressive monuments and architectural treasures. The City of Arts and Sciences, designed by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava, attracts visitors with its futuristic buildings, including an opera house, science museum, and oceanographic park. The Gothic Valencia Cathedral is a majestic structure from the 13th century and houses the Holy Grail, according to tradition used during the Last Supper. Another attraction is La Lonja de la Seda, a beautiful example of Gothic civil architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historic Silk Exchange recalls Valencia's commercial past. With so many fascinating monuments to explore, Valencia offers an enchanting journey through time and is a must-visit destination for history and culture lovers.

Valencia, a stunning city on the eastern coast of Spain, is considered the birthplace of one of the most famous dishes in Spanish cuisine: paella. This iconic rice dish originated from the region's rich culinary traditions and has become a beloved symbol of Spanish gastronomy worldwide. The history of paella dates back to the 18th century when farmers and laborers in the Valencian countryside prepared the meal as a simple and nourishing lunch. Originally made with local ingredients such as rice, beans, tomatoes, and various types of meat or fish, paella has evolved over the years into countless variations, depending on the region and personal taste. Cooking an authentic paella requires skill and precision, with fire and timing being crucial to achieving the perfect balance of flavors.