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Walking tour with audio guide in Ghent

Ghent, a bustling city in Belgium, is primarily known for its many medieval buildings. Ghent has a rich history and vibrant culture. With its charming canals, numerous squares, and medieval architecture, Ghent exudes an enchanting atmosphere. The city is a melting pot of art, music, and gastronomy, making it an ideal destination for art enthusiasts and foodies. For an in-depth exploration of Ghent's unique character and hidden treasures, an audio tour from CityAppTour is highly suitable. Discover the city at your own pace, while being guided by engaging stories and facts, and let yourself be enchanted by everything Ghent has to offer.

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Things to do in Ghent

The CityAppTour audio tour Ghent center not only introduces you to the many well-known tourist attractions but also acquaints you with the lesser known yet equally impressive sights in this city. Listen to the stories of our audio guide while enjoying a relaxed city walk.

Your walk through the historic center of Ghent

Ghent, a bustling Belgian city renowned for its medieval charm, invites exploration of its rich history and vibrant culture. With charming canals, medieval architecture, and numerous squares, Ghent creates an enchanting atmosphere. A melting pot of art, music, and gastronomy, the city caters to both art enthusiasts and foodies alike. This CityAppTour's walking route, audio tour Ghent center, offers an immersive journey, allowing you to uncover Ghent's unique character and hidden treasures at your own pace. Traverse iconic landmarks like Korenlei, Graslei, Saint Bavo's Cathedral, and Gravensteen Castle. Delve into the vibrant street-art scene, visit the Design Museum for world-class art and design, and explore hidden gems in picturesque squares and charming alleys. This comprehensive experience ensures you discover the authentic heart of Ghent, guided by engaging stories and facts, making your visit unforgettable.

What to do in Ghent

Discover the vibrant charm of Ghent as medieval allure meets modern vitality. Navigate picturesque canals, uncover hidden gems in alleys, and immerse yourself in the city's rich cultural tapestry. Ghent offers a blend of historic landmarks, premier museums like the Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS), and artistic expression. Enjoy terrace delights along the Scheldt and explore diverse shopping zones like the Historic Centre and Fashion District. CityAppTour's audio guide ensures an immersive journey, revealing Ghent's authentic heart within the initial 48 hours. Plus, we offer more audio tours in Belgium, including in cities like Antwerp, Bruges amd Brussels, for those eager to explore more of this enchanting country.

Gentse Floralie

A less touristy yet intriguing specialty of Ghent is the 'Gentse floralie.' This traditional flower show occurs every five years, with local flower growers showcasing their beautiful creations. The Gentse floralie is a captivating event that celebrates the rich tradition of flower cultivation in the region. During this colorful spectacle, visitors can enjoy diverse flower arrangements and admire the creativity of the local community in the context of gardening and floral art. The event provides an authentic glimpse into the Gent residents' passion for flower cultivation, away from the more well-known tourist attractions.

Walk at your own pace, a small break in Ghent

Embark on a self-guided audio exploration through Ghent's enchanting streets, skillfully intertwining historical allure with modern vibrancy. Utilize the app's pause feature for serene breaks in picturesque plazas or treat yourself to a coffee pause at a local café. Embrace the invigorating adventure, recognizing that each step in your exploration reveals a unique experience. With the adaptable audio tour Ghent by CityAppTour, immerse yourself in the city's richness at your preferred pace, relishing the distinctive charm of every moment. Book now to begin your personalized exploration of Ghent's unique allure.