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Walking tour with audio guide in Aachen

With its rich history dating back to the time of the Romans, Aachen is the perfect destination for an engaging city walk. Using the self-guided audio tour provided by CityAppTour, you will pass by all the significant historical monuments and uniquely discover the stories behind these landmarks with the guidance of your own audio guide. However, Aachen is not solely focused on its history. This city has much more to offer, such as museums, parks, squares, the Aachen Cathedral, and the famous thermal baths. Visit the monuments and other highlights, stroll through narrow alleys, and enjoy the unique atmosphere of this city accompanied by your own audio guide.

- The best walking routes and greatest stories

- Unexpected discoveries

- Personal virtual audio guide in 7 languages

- GPS guidance

- Walk at your own pace

Things to do in Aachen

Explore Aachen's secrets and landmarks on your own terms with the audio tour Aachen on the CityAppTour app. Dive into the rich history from the majestic Aachen Cathedral to enchanting local legends, making every step an adventure.

Your walk through the historic center of Aachen

During your self-guided walking tour with the CityAppTour app in Aachen you will encounter the most important highlights the center of Aachen has to offer, together with some hidden gems. When choosing to walk the Aachen Center Tour, CityAppTour provides you the chance to learn about the story of the famous Aachen Cathedral, the festive Aachen Carnaval, or the history behind the medieval King Charlemagne. During the tour in Aachen center, you will also encounter some lesser-known stories and highlights such as the legend behind the local pastry of Nobis Printen or the tale of the Chicken Thief. of All in all, be ready to discover Aachen and all of its stories!

What to do in Aachen

While walking the tour in Aachen, you will have the option to use the pause button in the app and visit other attractions that Aachen has to offer. Go shopping at the Elisen Gallery for example or visit the Charlemagne Museum. You can also choose to pause the tour at any of the highlights included in the tour and visit them. Look inside the Aachen Cathedral, for example. For real explorers, there is always the option to deviate from the route and visit the medieval Ponttor as well. As long as you finish the tour within the first 48 hours of activation. Additionally, we offer a variety of other audio tours across Germany, inviting you to uncover more of the country's rich history and culture in cities beyond Aachen. Embrace the freedom to explore, with CityAppTour guiding your journey.

Christmas Time in Aachen

From the last week of November until Christmas, Aachen hosts a grand Christmas market annually. The Christmas stalls are spread across various squares and streets around the imposing Aachen Cathedral and the old town hall. The Katschhof, as the central square, is beautifully decorated during these days. Thousands of tourists come to Aachen each year to admire the city's enchanting decorations during this period. The Christmas markets offer a variety of stalls with delicious, mulled wine, typical Aachen treats like "printen," "dominosteine," "lebkuchen," and other tasty Christmas pastries. It's no surprise that Aachen's Christmas market is one of the most visited Christmas markets in all of Germany.

Walk at your own pace, a small break in Aachen

Exploring Aachen can be overwhelming with all of the highlights and impressions you will experience during the tour. Therefore, you can pause the tour and have a break to take all of your new experiences in. Have a small break in the Elisen Gardens or get your well-deserved coffee at any of the cafés you walk past. Just because discovering Aachen can be exhausting, doesn’t mean that it has to be. Experience the freedom CityAppTour offers, walk at your own pace and book now!