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Haarlem center

The historic city centre invites you for a leisurely stroll at your own pace

120 min
3.6 miles
Family (3-6)

About this walking route

Haarlem, the city that has everything. From a convivial historic center with numerous stores and restaurants to world-famous museums. To explore this city, an audio tour is a clever idea. During this walking tour history comes to life again and you will walk along beautiful places such as the Grote Kerk, the Teylers Museum, the Jopenkerk and the Spaarne. Discover all the secrets of the ancient courtyards that you pass during the guided tour and be amazed by the history of the city. Did you know that the inhabitants of Haarlem are also called "mosquitoes"? There are many theories about the origin of this nickname which will be shared with you in detail during the audio tour.

Highlights of the walk

  • 1.
    Grote Kerk
  • 2.
    Teylers Museum
  • 3.
    De Waag
  • 4.
  • 5.
    The courtyards of Haarlem
  • 6.
    The Spaarne