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Alkmaar center

Walk through the historic centre of this beautiful city

120 min
1.74 Mile
Family (3-6)

About this walking route

The historic center of Alkmaar is easy to explore by foot, it is the perfect city for an audio tour. You will be amazed at the many special stories hidden behind the medieval facades, courtyards, cobbled streets and picturesque canals. Stories that are carefully collected for you. Let yourself be taken along the world-famous Cheese Market, the imposing St. Laurens Church and the Mill of Piet, but also along hidden courtyards and convivial medieval streets and alleys. Learn all about the history of Alkmaar during this city walk and how the bravery and determination of the people of Alkmaar made them the first city in the Netherlands to defeat the Spanish forces in 1573.

Highlights of the walk

  • 1.
  • 2.
    Piet's Mill
  • 3.
    Town Hall
  • 4.
    The courtyards of Alkmaar
  • 5.
    Cheese Market
  • 6.
    St. Laurens Church