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Walking tour with audio guide in Dordrecht

The prosperous past of the oldest city in the Netherlands is reflected in the impressive historic city centre. Merchant warehouses, courtyards and beautiful facades, in their original state or converted into cultural or culinary hot spots. Plan your 'Dordrecht tour' with an audio guided walk from City App tour and get carried away in the stories about Dordrecht with its inner city harbors, cozy commercial streets and rich culture.

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Available tours in and around Dordrecht

Things to do in Dordrecht

Go into town with your smartphone in your hand and a digital city guide telling you the best-kept secrets of Dordrecht. With our audio tours, every city trip is a wonderful exploration. So much to see, so much to do, here’s a brief listing of what this beautiful city has to offer.

Dordrecht has almost 2000 monuments. National monuments, municipal monuments and iconic buildings. You certainly do not want to miss the city hall, the Great Churches and Dordrecht's old city gate, the Groothoofdspoort.

There is no shortage of history in Dordrecht, which has had city rights for over 800 years. This is reflected in its museums. For example, in the Dordrecht Museum, you will find more than six centuries of painting, you can visit the Augustinian monastery where the first States assembly took place in 1572 and in the National Education Museum, you can learn everything about the development of education in the Netherlands.

The variety of large retail chains combined with local shops makes shopping in Dordrecht a fun experience. Every Thursday evening, the shops are open extra long and you can also enjoy the shopping in the city centre on Sundays. The shopping heart of Dordrecht is the Statenplein and the shopping streets leading to it, but you will also find nice local shops and boutiques in the small streets around it.

De Biesbosch National Park
Only five kilometers from the center of Dordrecht you will find nature and recreation area De Biesbosch. A peaceful place with lots of water and greenery that is perfect for walking, cycling, boating, sports and, of course, enjoying the surroundings. The ideal base for your city trip to Dordrecht!

So plenty of reasons to book a self-guided tour and take a walk in this beautiful city. With City App Tour's digital city guide, you can’t go wrong!