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Walking tour with audio guide in Arnhem

Arnhem, nestled along the banks of the River Rhine, is a vibrant city in the eastern part of the Netherlands. With a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages, Arnhem has evolved into a modern city while preserving its historical allure. Notably recognized for its role during World War II, the city also holds a distinguished position in the world of fashion and design, thanks to the internationally acclaimed ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. The lush parks and expansive open spaces beautifully contrast with the urban landscape, giving Arnhem a unique ambiance. For visitors keen on uncovering the city's hidden stories and anecdotes, the CityAppTour audio guide is an excellent choice. This self-led city walk with a personal audio guide takes you through the winding streets and alleyways, all the while regaling you with captivating tales that unveil the soul of Arnhem.

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Things to do in Arnhem

Our audio tour takes you on a walking route through the historical city center of Arnhem. Enjoy a leisurely city stroll and listen to stories from your personal audio guide.

Your walk through the historic center of Arnhem

Explore Arnhem, a city brimming with rich history and a vibrant cultural scene that captivates every visitor. Immerse yourself in the depth and beauty of this city through the CityAppTour audio tour in Arnhem center, carefully crafted to lead you past iconic landmarks such as the Grote Markt, Sabels Gate, the Airborne Museum at the Bridge, the Dome Church, Eusebius Church, and the Waag. What sets this tour apart is the unveiling of Arnhem's hidden gems – places that may not always be on the tourist radar but provide profound insights into the city's soul. Whether you're a history enthusiast or a curious traveler in search of authentic charm, the CityAppTour audio guide guarantees an unforgettable and enriching experience in the heart of Arnhem.

What to do in Arnhem

Discover Arnhem's rich history and cultural vibrancy through its diverse monuments, reflecting the resilience of its inhabitants and commemorating moments like the Battle of Arnhem. These silent witnesses tell stories of triumphs and challenges, shaping the city's tapestry. Beyond its historical significance, Arnhem thrives as a hub for fashion and design, housing ArtEZ, a prestigious art academy. Here, emerging designers contribute to a dynamic scene with boutiques, studios, and annual events showcasing the latest trends. This unique blend of history and creativity solidifies Arnhem as a pivotal center for innovation in the Dutch design world. Expand your Dutch adventure with our extensive selection of tours, offering insights into the cultural diversity and historical depth of the Netherlands many cities.

Arnhem’s sacrifice in World War II

Arnhem played a crucial role during World War II, notably in September 1944, during the Battle of Arnhem, a pivotal engagement in Operation Market Garden. This ambitious Allied initiative aimed to secure strategic bridges in the Netherlands for a rapid advance into Germany. British airborne forces were tasked with capturing and holding Arnhem's bridge. Despite valiant efforts, fierce combat led to the encirclement and eventual retreat of the Allied forces. The Battle of Arnhem stands as a poignant testament to the bravery of soldiers and the heavy toll of war. Immortalized in the film "A Bridge Too Far," Arnhem's heroic defense gained global recognition, ensuring that the city's story endures as a symbol of sacrifice.

Walk at your own pace, a small break in Arnhem

Embark on a captivating self-guided audio journey through the historic city of Arnhem, where the echoes of the past resonate alongside modern vibrancy. Delve into the city's timeless charm as you encounter iconic landmarks and immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere. From the Grote Kerk to the picturesque Spaarne, the CityAppTour audio guide in Arnhem center provides a seamless blend of historical allure and contemporary energy. Take advantage of the app's pause feature to savor tranquil moments along the canals or indulge in a leisurely break at a local café. This adaptable audio tour ensures an unforgettable exploration of Arnhem's rich cultural heritage at your preferred pace. Don't miss out on the beauty of Arnhem and book now!