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City walk with audio guide in Arnhem

Arnhem, nestled along the banks of the River Rhine, is a vibrant city in the eastern part of the Netherlands. With a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages, Arnhem has evolved into a modern city while preserving its historical allure. Notably recognized for its role during World War II, the city also holds a distinguished position in the world of fashion and design, thanks to the internationally acclaimed ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. The lush parks and expansive open spaces beautifully contrast with the urban landscape, giving Arnhem a unique ambiance. For visitors keen on uncovering the city's hidden stories and anecdotes, the CityAppTour audio guide is an excellent choice. This self-led city walk with a personal audio guide takes you through the winding streets and alleyways, all the while regaling you with captivating tales that unveil the soul of Arnhem.

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Available tours in and around Arnhem

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Our audio tour takes you on a walking route through the historical city center of Arnhem. Enjoy a leisurely city stroll and listen to stories from your personal audio guide.

Arnhem, a city rich in history and culture, houses various monuments that testify to its past and the resilience of its inhabitants. These monuments range from memorials honoring the bravery of soldiers during the Battle of Arnhem, to artworks reflecting the city's heritage and creativity. They serve as silent reminders of the challenges Arnhem faced over the years, as well as the triumphs it celebrated. Walking through Arnhem's streets, one is not only surrounded by vibrant cityscapes but also tangible memories shaping the city's rich tapestry, invoking a deep reverence for its history.

Arnhem in World War II
Arnhem played a pivotal role during World War II, particularly in September 1944. That month saw the Battle of Arnhem as part of Operation Market Garden, an ambitious Allied attempt to capture a series of bridges in the Netherlands, aiming for a swift advance into Germany. British airborne forces were tasked with capturing and holding Arnhem's bridge. Despite fierce combat and relentless efforts, the Allied forces were encircled and eventually pushed back. The Battle of Arnhem remains a somber testament to the courage of the soldiers and the high cost of war. The events were later depicted in the film "A Bridge Too Far", bringing Arnhem's story and its heroic defense to global recognition.

Fashion and Design
Arnhem is not only renowned for its historical significance and green landscapes but has also positioned itself as a hub for fashion and design. The city is home to ArtEZ, one of the Netherlands' most prestigious art academies, where budding designers hone their creative skills. Arnhem's vibrant fashion and design scene has led to a plethora of boutiques, studios, and annual events celebrating the latest trends and innovations. This unique blend of education and entrepreneurship has made Arnhem a pivotal center for creativity and innovation in the Dutch design world.