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Rotterdam center

The city of ports, skyscrapers and Erasmus. Get to know this extraordinary city at your own pace

120 min
3.67 mile
Family (3-6)

About this walking route

'The Manhattan on the Maas', only Amsterdam is bigger than this city full of skyscrapers. When you think of Rotterdam, the harbors, the Euromast, Feyenoord, the Koopgoot and the Erasmus bridge, hospital and university are often the first thoughts that come to mind. All these features give Rotterdam its own atmosphere and identity. Get a taste of this atmosphere during the audio guided tour of the city and discover typical Rotterdam attractions such as the Great or St. Laurens Church, the Cube Houses, the beautiful White House on the Old Harbour and the Schieland House with the Count of Henegouwen. In addition, you will see a hotel floating on the water and a tower in the shape of a pencil. Go out and get to know the identity of Rotterdam during this guided tour.

Highlights of the walk

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    The cube-houses
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    Desiderius Erasmus
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    White House
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    World Trade Center Rotterdam