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Dordrecht center

Learn more about the history, culture and nature in versatile Dordrecht

120 min
2.86 miles
Group (3-6)

About this walking route

Dordrecht is a city where you can admire the history, culture and nature. From the beautiful historic harbors to picturesque alleys and a thousand imposing monuments, Dordrecht is the perfect city for a self-guided audio tour. Let the audio tour take you past one of the oldest distilleries in the Netherlands, the Grote Kerk, Huis van Gijn and the narrowest house in Dordrecht. You will also learn more about one of the worst atrocities in history and who knows, you might even manage to spot the cannonball in the Grote Kerk. In short, this hidden pearl and Holland's oldest city is rich in history, has ancient stories and will certainly not disappoint you.

Highlights of this walk

  • 1.
    The Great Church
  • 2.
    Huis van Gijn
  • 3.
  • 4.
    Augustinian Church
  • 5.
    Dordrechts Museum
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