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Cadiz center

Enjoy impressive sights on this beautiful peninsula

4.6 miles
Group (3-6)

About this walking route

Cadiz, located on a peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean and the oldest city in Spain. This city is, because of its shape with sea on three sides, also called Una Taza de Plata, which means the silver bowl. Another nickname for the city is Little Havana, because of the similarities and ties between the two cities. During this audio tour you will get to know impressive sights such as the Cathedral of Cadiz, Torre Tavira, Castillo de San Sebastián, Teatro Romano de Cadiz and Parque Genovés. So enough to be amazed by this beautiful city during this walking tour. Moreover, you walk along beautiful squares and you can enjoy all the greenery around you. Are you ready to discover Cádiz?

Highlights of the walk

  • 1.
    Cathedral of Cadiz
  • 2.
    Tavira Tower
  • 3.
    The Castle of San Sebastián
  • 4.
    Romano theatre of Cadiz
  • 5.
    Park Genovés
  • 6.
    The Castle of Santa Catalina