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City walk with audio guide in The Hague

The Hague, the royal capital of the Netherlands, embraces a rich mix of history and modernity. As a political epicenter, the city is home to the Binnenhof and palaces that testify to centuries-old traditions. The stately avenues and green parks provide a pleasant environment for residents and visitors alike. The Hague reflects a cosmopolitan flair with international organizations and embassies. Discover the diverse neighborhoods, each with its own character. A city walk with audio guide from CityAppTour reveals the secrets and stories behind the streets, making The Hague an exciting destination for those who want to explore culture, history, and modern city life.

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Available tours in and around The Hague

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In addition to the many famous attractions, CityAppTour also lets you discover the lesser-known but no less breathtaking sights in this royal city. During a self-guided audio tour, you can enjoy the stories of your personal audio guide at your own pace.

Royal allure
The Hague exudes a royal allure that is deeply rooted in its history. As the seat of the Dutch parliament and government, the city exudes political elegance. The majestic Binnenhof, with its historic buildings and ponds, is the epicenter of this royal character. Palaces such as Noordeinde Palace add to the grandeur. The stately Malieveld and the chic shopping streets add a touch of royal splendor. International allure is reflected in the many embassies and international organizations. The Hague thus embodies the royal splendor that befits its role as the political heart and diplomatic center of the Netherlands.

City by the sea
The Hague, the only major city by the sea in the Netherlands, enjoys a unique geographical location that shapes its character. The city combines the dynamism of a metropolis with the serenity of the coast. The kilometers-long sandy beaches of Scheveningen and Kijkduin offer breathtaking views of the North Sea, giving residents and visitors the opportunity to combine city life with relaxation on the beach. This special connection between city and sea creates an atmosphere where business merges with relaxation, and where the refreshing sea air enriches the dynamism of The Hague with a touch of maritime charm.

Shopping in The Hague is a refined experience that reflects the diversity of this city. The historic shopping streets, such as the cozy Denneweg and the stately Hoogstraat, house boutiques and artisan shops. For modern fashion and major brands, Grote Marktstraat is a shopping paradise. The historic Hofkwartier offers charming boutiques and art galleries. For exclusive shops and haute couture, Noordeinde is a must. The Hague markets, such as the Haagse Markt and the antique market on the Lange Voorhout, add a colorful dimension. The combination of historic charm and contemporary shopping pleasure makes shopping in The Hague a delight for any shopper.