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City walk with audio guide in Barcelona

Jewel of the Mediterranean Sea, city of art and architecture, party city, tapas paradise... the lively and enchanting Barcelona reveals itself as a city with countless facets. A metropolis that effortlessly competes with Rome, Milan, or Madrid. And then we have not yet talked about the exciting flamenco rhythms and the flavor explosions of Catalan cuisine. Choose a walking route from the CityAppTour selection and go on a discovery tour with a self-guided audio tour and a detailed online map.

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Available tours in and around Barcelona

Things to do in Barcelona

Barcelona is a delightful city to visit, boasting a rich history and culture that caters to every taste. Exploring the city with an audio guide on a walking tour is a fantastic way to get acquainted with its charm.

Catalan Modernism
Catalan modernism was an art movement that flourished in Catalonia, Spain, at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. It emerged as a response to the industrialization and materialism of that era. Catalan modernists drew inspiration from nature, Catalan culture, and the Middle Ages. Their work often featured organic forms, colorful stained glass windows, and mosaics. One of the most renowned figures of Catalan modernism was Antoni Gaudí, whose work is showcased in many iconic buildings in Barcelona, including the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and Casa Milà.

Barri Gòtic
The Gothic Quarter, Barri Gòtic, stands as the historical heart of Barcelona, immersed in centuries of history and charm. Narrow alleys and medieval squares surround the majestic Gothic cathedral, Santa Eulalia, while hidden gems like Plaça del Rei and Plaça Sant Felip Neri await discovery. This enchanting district offers a blend of local culture and international flair, with boutiques, cafes, and market squares. The Picasso Museum housed in medieval palaces adds artistic splendor, and the remnants of Roman walls serve as reminders of Barcelona's rich past. The Gothic Quarter is an essential destination for those seeking to experience the timeless charm of Barcelona, where the present and past harmoniously merge.

In Barcelona, trying tapas is a must. The city boasts a wide variety of tapas bars, where you can find an array of appetizers. From traditional Spanish tapas like patatas bravas, pan con tomate, and chorizo to more modern options like sushi and wagyu beef, Barcelona's tapas scene is diverse. One of the best ways to experience tapas in Barcelona is by joining a tapas tour, where you can visit different tapas bars and savor a variety of bites.