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City walk with audio guide in Amersfoort

You won't run out of things to see in Amersfoort, the city in the middle of the Netherlands, located on the Eem river. The city has a rich history dating back to Roman times. Amersfoort is known for its historic city center, which is filled with medieval buildings and monuments, making it a great place for a self-guided audio tour. Choose a walking route from the Cityapptour selection and set off with your own audio guide and detailed online map.

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Available tours in and around Amersfoort

Things to do in Amersfoort

A walking tour with an audio guide is a fun and educational way to discover Amersfoort. It is a great way to learn about the city and enjoy its history and culture.

Historic center
The historic center of Amersfoort is a protected cityscape and is known for its medieval buildings and monuments. The city center is surrounded by a city wall, which is still largely intact. A must-see for every visitor to Amersfoort is the Koppelpoort, a medieval gate that runs over both land and water. The gate is one of the most beautiful in the Netherlands with its neatly maintained roof tiles, red shutters, and the beautiful city coat of arms.

Don't forget to climb the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren for a stunning view of the city. The view is definitely worth it, especially at sunrise or sunset.

The water city
Amersfoort is also known as the water city. The city is located on the Eem, a river that flows through the middle of the Netherlands. The Eem is an important waterway for the city and is used for transportation, recreation, and nature.
Amersfoort has a long history with water. The city has been an important trading city since Roman times and was already dependent on the Eem at that time. In the Middle Ages, Amersfoort was an important Hanseatic city and the city was connected to a network of trade routes by water.
Today, Amersfoort is a modern city with a vibrant city center. However, the city still has a strong connection to water. The Eem is an important tourist attraction and there are many opportunities to enjoy the water, such as boating, swimming, and fishing.

Amersfoort has a lively center with a wide variety of shops. You will find everything from large chain stores to small boutiques. The city is also a popular destination for lovers of vintage and second-hand clothing. Walk through the Langestraat and the Krommestraat to enjoy the shops and atmosphere, visit the Eemplein for a wide selection of shops and restaurants, and end your day with dinner in one of the many restaurants in the historic center.